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Dijk Van Dijk

Dijk van Dijk nursery grows powerful hydrangeas. Frank van der Meer: “Most florists and floral designers are unaware of the number of varieties that are available.” Robin van Dijk: “Single stems, multiple stems, double flowers or specific colour shades: the sky is the limit. It’s our job to find out what people seek.” Becoming Preferred Supplier was only a matter of time.

“We want to have a deeper connection with consumers.” says Robin. The grower, who is also the director of Dijk van Dijk, wants to better his service to florists and garden centres using the knowledge gained from the above. Frank adds: “Hydrangeas are incredibly versatile. The earlier we understand the demands and queries from consumers, the more efficient we can act upon them.”  

Frank and Robin do not only wish to take away any troubles or obstacles by offering an outstanding service, they also want to know what’s going on further down the chain. Robin: “In layman’s terms: if garden centres thinks a clear sleeve will improve their sales, we will adjust this. If florists want two rather than one shade in a particular variety, we want to be able to meet their demands.”

Frank: “Thanks to the collaboration with FleuraMetz, we have a better view of these demands.” FleuraMetz buyer, Wim Scheffers, speaks particularly highly about the quality of Dijk van Dijk products. “They have 9 headed plants and I mean the real deal! Densely filled with florets with 7 of the 9 flower heads showing full colour. You don’t see this every day.” 

“In the end, florists and floral designers are the ones that will work with our products. What do they seek? How can we be of service? How will we manage the process? I love the way we join forces and think of fitting solutions together.” says Frank. The new website and logo, which was launched in March 2017, are a perfect portrayal of this company’s future plans. Take a look on their website or browse through our web shop and discover wonderful varieties of hydrangeas!